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FineTex Patterns

Textures are an artistic expression of the imaginative mind. It is an expression of freedom. It represents a personality that is independent, lively and devoid of all the mundane things of life.

The mind wanders without a road map. Everything that we see around us is a texture. We carry these images in our mind and try to see ourselves in and around those images. In short, we all live in a textured world.

Which is why, Asian Paints FineTex brings you an exciting range of wall textures for both interiors and exteriors. It is 100% acrylic, water-based and specially designed as an intermediate coating. Available in a ready-to-apply form, this unique finish can be applied simply with a roller to give a range of fine, medium and bold textures.

Choose the desired texture and let your imagination flow inside out.

Asian Paints Apex Duracast FineTex is a 100% acrylic, water-based exterior product specially designed as an intermediate coating. It facilitates excellent adhesion of subsequent coats. Its unique texture pattern has a distinctive appeal.

Performance Features and Benefits:

  • Asian Paints Apex Duracast FineTex is a rollable product which will provide opacity in a single coat without any sagging.
  • It serves as an undercoat which will not only provide protection but also decor for a variety of exterior and interior surfaces.
  • It promotes adhesion of subsequent coats.
  • Resists efflorescence and lime blooming with good adhesion on all cement plasters.
  • It hides surface undulations and fine surface cracks.
  • The tough textured finish lasts for a long time and ensures low maintenance.

Apex Duracast

The latest addition in Asian Paints exterior finishes is Apex Duracast. It adds aesthetics and superior protection to new age buildings. Apex Duracast brings international quality permanent textures that will set higher standards in decor and performance. It's a result of intensive R&D efforts to create a permanent textured finish that is the best in its category. Offering a wide range of texture styles, Apex Duracast is here to drape our cities with the international urban look.


The Apex Duracast Advantage

  • Attractive textures for a premium international look.
  • Hides surface irregularities and hairline cracks.
  • Excellent water repellency.
  • Increases the life of plaster underneath. Resists algal and fungal growth.
  • Available through Asian Paints Project Sales, providing valuable services and assured performance.
  • The only textured finish in the country that comes with a 'Standard System Warranty'.




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